The Reason I Went To SoWo

July 8th, 2012
By Pumpkin

I’ve been to SoWo a few times now, and i can easily say that the biggest reason i go is to be with friends I’ve made through EurGhetto. Many of you are like a second family to me, and frankly, if most of you for any reason couldn’t make it to SoWo, id find myself hard pressed to even go. To me SoWo is and always will be the best car show around. I will see you all next year, and lets try and plan a true EG G2G one night.

Ted missed his wife on vacation, he tried to get a lil freaky with Mocha…

Hannas Not So Famous BBQ visits Helen Ga.

What Was I Thinking….

June 20th, 2012
By Pumpkin

Ducky says “Why would you ask dehate to write the SoWo article for the front page……”

Ted “TeamZleep” Wambach

April 24th, 2012
By Pumpkin

So from this point on on were gonna try and do an article each month highlighting someone from the site who has been nominated either for some sort of uniqueness of their car, something they did that was positive for the car scene, or that they are simply just great person and deserve a little bit honor.

So for me an easy pick was Ted Wambach; more commonly known as Teddy or TeamZleep on EG. Teddy is easily one of my better friends on EurGhetto, which is funny because the amount of times we have hung out in person could probably be counted on two hands. I met Teddy a few years ago through PSI, and like everyone PSI has personally introduced me to, Teddy is a top notch person.

A lot of non-car scene people don’t really understand how you can be such good friends with someone you only talk to on the internet and facebook. But for me its been easy. Teddy is easily one of the handful of people i will go out of my way to make sure i see at events like SoWo.

Speaking of sowo, last year i picked up a 5 speed transmission for Ted from Underground VW in tampa because he had recently blown his last one. Ted had turbo’d his mk5 rabbit 2.5L, it was stupid fast; so we drove it up to SoWo so he could get the rabbit back on the road. Ted seems to be known on some sties for having very unique mk5’s.

If you’ve been living under a rock, or just refuse to go on any mk5 site or thread, then you might not know that Teds .:R also caused a rukus, but not in the got fast make a lot of noise way. Many an .:R owner got pissed over fact that he traded away the .:R bodykit. But in my opinion, it was a great move. I love how the mk5 rabbit front looks.

So… i told Ted that i was writting the article about him, and that i wanted to get some pics taken of his car, not big deal. But then a week later he finished his new wheels, which look WAY WAY better. So go check his facebook/instagram and check it out, its proof that you dont need to spend 10 grand on wheels/air/other shit to have a clean looking car. If you dont know Ted i suggest you take some time to really get to know him, he’ll be at SoWo, buy him a beer and chat it up. He’s one of the best people i know on EG, he’s a loving father, and he’s even served our country.

P.S. - Teddy, if i get drunk at SoWo dont let me put fireworks in anyone pockets….

Heads Will Roll

March 26th, 2012
By Pumpkin

The giant failure that my car has been for years is finally gonna be somewhat respectable here in the near future; well at least in my opinion. Fixing the stupid childish exhaust i currently have, FS Tuning to fix what REVO broke. The wheels are done…… say what??

Yeah, i only took like a year to actually do something to them… Ive had periods on and off where i hated my car, wished it would catch on fire, and thought of driving it off the side of I4. But my car has been a true learning lesson, I’ve learned more about how a car functions than I’ve ever wanted to, I’ve also come to know some really great people thanks to this shit box.

I don’t know how many times PSI and Madface have told me not to do something, i did it anyways, then fucking regretted it later. And without Hanna last year my car would have blown through its cam follower leaving me stranded in woods of Georgia. I personally wanna thank everyone in EG who has been there for me.

This is just a little note i wanted to put out there, more for me than anything else. New article coming hopefully in the next week or two depending when a certain AWD rabbit can get loose in front of a camera.

When It Matters Most.

January 13th, 2012
By Pumpkin

So no matter the reason groups of people hang out, over time there tends to be this talk of the group being more than friends, but a family. People they would do anything for, but often this is just talk, its really never put to the test. It’s never more than just a state of mind most people try to stay in betwixt all the shit talking. Recently had the chance to put its money where its mouth is when our dear friend and fearless leader Christopher “PSIGTI” Kennedy became very ill.

As most of you know when Chris got sick, it caused him to miss a lot of work, so subsequently financial issues began to arise. Between teddy, a few others, and myself there was this idea to get everyone together to try and get some money/supplies donated to Chris to help him out. Naturally his stubborn ass refused..

Things have turned around; he’s doing better, getting life back on track. But I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was there for Chris and offered assistance when it was needed. I’m proud to have been able to part of this group over the last 4-5 years. Once PSI is doing a lot better, were gonna try and have another EG BBQ or something similar to the last time we all got together. Either way hope to see most of you at SoWo.

“his immense love for bacon, adds to the reasons why i love him” – Chris “Sauce” Alverez

“Chris, Chris is the man. he is one of the main reasons i still love the car community.” – Jarrod “Madness” DesJardins

“I wanna go to pen island” – Lauren Renfrow

Whats Next???

Sometime shortly there will be entries to the front page coming from Jonathan DeHate, as well as some other ideas being worked on. – Under Construction

October 6th, 2011
By Pumpkin

As a notice to everyone who has been here for years and to the newest members, I wanted to take a minute to let you know of some changes coming to our little hole in the wall.

EG has maintained the same front page design for over four years, and we haven’t updated the front blog entries in three years. Over the next couple months PSI & Ducky will be working on doing some stuff with the site. Part of this is to include a bit of writing by me. Ill be working on the following items for the blog on the front page (which I know a lot of us just bypass by having the forum as our bookmark), and I just hope that once or twice a month you will take a moment to check out my little contributions to our home.

- Member of the Month (as I stated in the EGMOTM thread, please submit submissions to me for anyone you think deserves to be poked and prodded for the front page.)

- Wallpapers (psi broke the tab on the main page some time ago, but we will be putting up a picture every month of not more often, with EG logo on it, and hopefully we can keep the stockpile of them there and safe for a while.

- Pumpkins “diarrhea of the mouth” – psi has asked me to do small write-ups each month about anything that is relevant to the site and me. This might turn out to be a good idea, or it could be a total wallflower, but we shall see….

- Event Coverage – Any big shows will get write-ups so we can share them with those who weren’t able to make it. Nothing new, tons of sites do them, just figured its something we should have.

So, that’s most of it. Ill be working on these for each month starting in the next couple weeks. Also, I know that I haven’t/don’t get along with everyone on EG, I just hope you can understand that im doing this for site, for everyone on here, and just keep shit talking were it belongs, behind my back.

- Pumpkin

eurghetto car of the month - october edition

October 21st, 2008
By ch0n_lee

Name: Mike Burroughs
Location: Franklin, TN
Years in the Dub scene: Zero! I’ve never owned a VW… but I’ve been in to bimmers for about 2.5 years.

Car make and model: 1985 BMW 535i aka family sedan
Fundamental mods: Coils, HRE 504s, some stretch, some rust, a hand-made roof rack and some busted fenders!
What makes it euro: Well, it’s a German car.. and it’s got the whole stretch and poke thing goin’ for it… and it’s the first hoodride BMW I’ve ever seen.

What makes it ghetto: Read above. Cheesy
Where you see the car in a year: Who knows.. I just finished the car today, and I’m dead broke. I’ve got another motor in the garage ready for a turbo build, so in a year, that will be in. Fat holset diesel turbo, anyone?
What makes you euro: My beard is red.

What makes you ghetto: I drive a ratty POS.
Best VW-related memory: uhhh….
Quote/shout-out: You guys know who you are. Thanks. Big time. car of the month - august edition

August 26th, 2008
By ch0n_lee

Name: Santi Blue
Location: Orlando, Floriduh
Years in the Dub Scene: 23. Since i was born, my grandpa had a ‘66 Beetle that he gave to my cousin that i rode around in all the time. But my first car was a ‘00 Jetta i got in ‘01. So 7 in reality.

Car make and model: ‘05 VW Jetta GLI
Fundamental mods: Mercedes Benz 18″ 6-slots w/ Falken 912s, Modified Chassis-Tech Air Ride, OEM HID Reps, Euro Hella 4-mo tails, basic motor shit (exhaust, chip, MBC, bunch of forge stuff, etc… ) Shaved trunk, and Jamin Kustom Basket. Some gauges for air, and boost.
What makes it Euro: The fucking air ride and tucking, love hitting the switches, and of course my sweet Euro plate.

What makes it ghetto: My ripped CV boots (since Oct ‘07), and chipped paint on the quarter panels from rubbing.
Where you see the car in a year: Without door handles, side markers, and hood notch. And touching the floor (1/2″ more).
What makes you Euro: I love Euro cars, I got Italian and Spanish blood in me, and i love Euro women. (shaved ones) I’ll leave the hairy ones for Manny.

What makes you ghetto: I’m Spanish, born and raised in Colombia. Aren’t all Spanish considered ghetto?? I’m lazy as fuck during the day, and not afraid to get dirty.
Best VW-related memory: Driving around when i was a baby in my cousins ‘66 Beetle while he was picking up girls with me. Also going to H2O and Waterfest.
Quote/shout-out: Shout out to my GFF Xtina, and my mom and pops for having me, and dealing w/ me for the past 23 years. Madface, Ramon, Manny, PSI, Ducky, Chon, and everyone that’s helped w/ my car. All of the friends form the north, Savwko, Kleckers, Pirate Hooker, Tek, Timmy, B-Rabbit, Ninjapants, Loud Mike, and everyone else. featured in pvw

August 13th, 2008
By ch0n_lee

Welcome PVW readers. We are kinda slackers on the front pages but be sure to check out the forums for all the good stuff. Check this space in the future for more info on the PVW article. car of the month july edition

July 15th, 2008
By ch0n_lee

Name – Chris/psi/psigti/from 2 to 5/ 30 other bullshit names on vortex
Location – Lockheart; Orlando - Florida
Years in the Dub scene – 12
Car make and model – 2007 VW Rabbit
Fundamental mods – Shaved Rabbit bumper, Badge less Grill, smoothed and painted euro TDI rear bumper, Custom Carputer, Custom Air Ride, and 20″ 150 spoke Chrome Wire Wheels
What makes it euro – The fucking Airride poke and stretch. Love hitting them switches and shaved shit.
What makes it ghetto – r20″ chrome 150 spokes, pulled fenders, stretch on 20’s, spray paint on hood.
Where you see the car in a year – Body work Fresh respray seats and such
What makes you Euro – German Irish, I loves import beer, import women, I can speak some french, and FUUUUTBALLL
What makes you ghetto – HAHHA stright from the motha fuck’n grains of Boca son.
Best VW-related memory – Buying my first gti, buying my first brand new vw, h20, the frist bbq. the spot.
Quote/shout-out – All the nigga that been down since day one…… Welcome to death row!